A Step by step Guide to Writing a Business Plan

If you have found yourself reading through some of the blogs on our website then you probably know the importance of writing a business plan. From SMEs all the way to the largest companies in the world. These plans are crucial for external affairs, for example; If you wanted to add a business partner or get a loan your business plan should be mostly your pitch. Writing a business plan is a must...

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Writing a Marketing Plan

A Marketing Plan is vital for the success of any company but is often overlooked by smaller businesses. In simple terms a marketing plan helps you set out which customers you are going to target, how you are going to achieve this and explains how you intend to execute your marketing strategy. Here we list the process of creating a marketing plan in a step by step basis to help your business.

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What is a Sales Funnel and why is it important?

In today’s blog I will be discussing what a sales funnel is, it’s uses and I will be delving into the necessary steps to being able to utilise one. Firstly, what is a sales funnel exactly? A sales funnel put simply is a marketing term for the journey prospect customers go through to purchase a product or service. They contain several different steps which are usually categorised as the top, mid...

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How to recruit the perfect sales team

Pre-interview stage

Sales is arguably the most important department of any business, although marketeers would disagree with this bold statement. Therefore, it is imperative that you recruit the best sales team possible to ensure your business achieves its strategic goals.

Planning is important when you are embarking on a recruitment drive, so you need to make sure ...

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