A Business Butler Guide to organising and running an effective Accountability Group

Do you sometimes feel as if you procrastinate a little too often or are easily side-tracked into doing other work when you need to remain focussed on a specific task? If you do, then this is where an accountability group can help.

What is an accountability group?

An accountability group is a group of like-minded...

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A Step by step Guide to Writing a Business Plan

If you have found yourself reading through some of the blogs on our website then you probably know the importance of writing a business plan. From SMEs all the way to the largest companies in the world. These plans are crucial for external affairs, for example; If you wanted to add a business partner or get a loan your business plan should be mostly your pitch. Writing a business plan is a must...

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Writing a Marketing Plan

A Marketing Plan is vital for the success of any company but is often overlooked by smaller businesses. In simple terms a marketing plan helps you set out which customers you are going to target, how you are going to achieve this and explains how you intend to execute your marketing strategy. Here we list the process of creating a marketing plan in a step by step basis to help your business.

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A seven step guide to starting your own Business

When you have made the major decision to start your own business you can get caught up with excitement of it all and you just want to begin trading as soon as possible. But hold on and take a step back, preparation is key and it is important to plan correctly from the beginning before you go hurtling headfirst into what promises to be an unforgettable venture. Here we have a seven step guide to...

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What is a business plan and why do I need one?

A business plan is essentially a document that describes what your business does, where your business intends to be in the future and how you, plan to achieve this. A well-produced business plan is crucial for all new companies and can determine whether a much-needed investment is secured.

The vast majority of business plans are devised by new companies to portray their vision to prospect...

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