Mel Evans

Mel Evans

Customer Experience Expert

Mel uses her wealth of knowledge and experience from her senior management roles in retail to help business differentiate themselves from the competition by delivering the best possible customer experience. She is also proficient in working with teams to improve employee engagement and train them to deliver the best customer experience for her clients’ businesses.


  • Customer experience specialist
  • Fully vetted business expert
  • Track record of client success
  • Improves client retention
  • Increases business profitability
  • Delivery tailored for every client
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Mel Evans is an established expert in the field of Customer Experience and is a professional individual with many years` experience leading teams to deliver successful outcomes.

A large part of Mel`s career has been spent in the retail sector which is the coalface of customer engagement. Mel spent many years at senior management level such as an operational director where she successfully led managers to deliver commercial targets whilst providing a great customer experience.

Mel is passionate about service, is honest, professional and will give feedback based on her experience and the information available to her. Mel’s aim when she works with a business is to provide insight and solutions to help move the business forward and improve customer and employee culture.

Mel can help businesses improve their customer experience by employing a diverse range of assessment tools. These include customer surveys, online reviews, mystery shopping and employee feedback. Mel also provides customer service training to ensure everyone on a team exceeds customers’ expectations and provides invaluable support in developing teams to work together to achieve customer satisfaction.

A recent example of an instant insight survey used with a client to improve employee engagement resulted in participation by employees increasing from 64% to 85%, a 33% rise.

Mel has successfully worked with several well-established businesses in South Wales, including Bluestone National Park Resort, The Royal Mint Experience, Cardiff Airport, Edwards Coaches and the University of South Wales to name but a few.